Thumb Candy's Make Up or Break Up

The live dating show on Facebook Watch, "Make Up or Break Up", hosted by Shannon Boodram, allows viewers to vote on the fate of a couple undergoing relationship issues.

shannon boodram and couple sitting on couch with bar graph of make up or break up in the back screen


Thumb Candy Media’s “Make Up or Break Up” is a live relationship show on Facebook Watch, hosted by social influencer, sexologist and author Shannon Boodram (aka Shan Boody). Thumb Candy utilized Telescope’s technology to create an innovative dating show that let viewers interact through a unique and fun experience.

audience on their phones voting in the Facebook Watch comments
Shannon and couple sitting on the couch with fan feed wall in the back screen
live facebook watch comment feed displaying on back screen


Each episode focused on one couple experiencing relationship hurdles and who needs further guidance on if they should or should not stay together. Relationship expert and host, Shannon
Boodram, interviews each couple to give viewers an insight into their relationship, exposing the bad and the good. This live event was featured on Facebook Watch where viewers were able to comment #makeup or #breakup in real time within the comments section in order to help decide the couple’s fate. Telescope’s content to air was utilized where these moderated live comments were displayed in an in-studio video wall behind Shannon and the couple. Viewers were able to engage with other users through the comments section and remain tuned in until the end of the show for the surprising reveal of what the Facebook viewers as a whole voted for the couple.

couple brielle and damani with user comment displayed on back screen saying they should break up


  • Content-to-air: Viewers’ Facebook comments were displayed on a video wall behind Shannon Boodram which was powered by Telescope’s Display APIs. This directed users to comment their relationship opinions and have the ability to engage and observe how other viewers feel about the couple.

  • Hashtag Vote: Viewers were encouraged to participate by commenting #MakeUp or #BreakUp to vote and help decide what the future holds for the couple.

  • Instant data collection was additionally provided by Telescope to gauge which hashtag had the most votes for the dramatic reveal at the end.


  • "'Make Up or Break Up' is making a killing on Facebook's Watch platform... following a 31% increase in viewership and a 328% leap in followers after the first four episodes..."
    - VideoInk

couple that was voted to break up with user facebook comments on the side