Thumb Candy’s Make Up or Break Up Campaign


Thumb Candy Media’s “Make Up or Break Up” is a live relationship show on Facebook Watch, hosted by social influencer, sexologist and author Shannon Boodram (aka Shan Boody). Thumb Candy utilized Telescope’s technology to create an innovative dating show that let viewers participate in the experience.

Facebook watch

  • Telescope’s Display APIs powered on-air graphics throughout the show, which directed users to comment their relationship opinions. Comments were moderated by Thumb Candy, and displayed on an in-studio video wall.
  • Using Telescope’s Hashtag Vote, viewers could comment with either #MakeUp or #BreakUp, to vote for the outcome of the show.
  • Telescope also provided a Keywords Dashboard so that Thumb Candy could track buzz words tied to each couple.

facebook watch


  • Display APIs gave visual cues that directed viewer engagement.
  • Hashtag Voting encouraged conversation created conversation about the show.
  • In-studio visualization promoted interaction with the show.
  • Telescope provided instant data collection, that defined the outcome of the show.

facebook watch


“Make Up or Break Up,’ with its viewer-participation format, represents ‘the future of content’…”

”’Make Up or Break Up’ is making a killing on Facebook’s Watch platform… following a 31% increase in viewership and a 328% leap in followers after the first four episodes…’”

“’Viewers of traditional dating shows get very invested in a couple’s relationship, but they can’t actually weigh in… Facebook can help influencer the couple’s decision in real time.’”
Brian Meagher in The Hollywood Reporter