World Cup #ArmsWideOpen


The #armswideopen campaign wanted to capture the global nature and passion of fans around the 2014 World Cup. The aim was to unite fans in a single action, enabling people everywhere to take part across Twitter and see their impact displayed live in Brazil during a historic moment.


Telescope and Scope Brasil worked closely with the Twitter Brasil team to create an innovative and memorable campaign. Using Telescope’s industry leading real-time participation platform, fans cast their vote for which team they wanted to win the World Cup and ultimately the country colors would illuminate one of Brazil’s most iconic landmarks, Rio’s Christ The Redeemer statue. From 9th July – 12th July 2014, World Cup fans were invited to participate via Twitter using the hashtag #ArmsWideOpen, plus the hashtag or name of the two finalists- #GER or #ARG. All votes were verified in real-time using Telescope’s social marketing platform, Connect Live, to power the live illumination. As fans tweeted, the Statue colors changed in real-time reflecting the results of the live vote.


Over 36 hours, the campaign achieved a global reach of 6 million and over 100,000 people actively took part in the campaign. As well as generating global buzz and trending, this campaigned proved that social activations like this can drive reach and conversations beyond just Twitter and power images that resonate around the globe.

Real-Time Voting

Twitter Hashtag Voting