Brand Activation Ideas from 3 Exciting Live Stream Campaigns

Written by: Team Telescope



Brand Activation Ideas from 3 Exciting Live Stream Campaigns

Looking for ideas on how to amplify your brand?

Check out these brand activations ideas from 3 of our most exciting live stream campaigns. 

Audi: Think Faster with David Chang and Liza Koshy

We worked with Pretty Bird & Audi to produce an influencer-based, multi-platform stream for Audi’s Think Faster campaign.

“Think Faster” is the world’s fastest AMA (Ask Me Anything) that lets fans at home interview their favorite celebrities while they speed around a race track at 150mph.

The interactive video experience was streamed to Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube, Reddit simultaneously using  our award winning live streaming technology .

In addition, our  video production company  handled all aspects of the activation including complex networking infrastructure and influencer management.

The stream saw huge engagement including 3.8m Views197 Shares5.1k Reactions571 Comments. Helping Audi to drive reach and engagement surrounding their camping.

  W Hotels’: Wake Up Calls

W Hotels’ Wake Up Call is a multi-day music festival exclusively for SPG and Marriott Rewards members. Marriott gave the festival experience a luxe upgrade by taking over W Hotels in Hollywood, Barcelona and Bali, getting members closer to the music with insider access to their favorite artists.

To amplify this experience to members across the world, SPG and Marriott Rewards partnered with us to power YouTube live streams of the shows, bringing hundreds of millions of viewers closer to the music

In just six weeks, Marriott executed three live streams ranging across three in three different festivals and countries utilizing our live streaming technology.

More than 13 hours of festival performances were streamed live around the world generating huge results:

  • 412 million people reached

  • 13.1 million views

  • 47,500+ hours of total view time

Viewers consumed more than 1,980 days (5+ years) of branded live stream content in only 72 hours. The final live stream in Bali is Marriott’s most successful to-date enterprise-wide.

Applebee’s Dollar Zombie Dead Giveaway

With more than half of America preferring to drink at home, Applebee’s needed to generate a significant amount awareness and excitement for their new Neighborhood Drinks specials to get people in the door. Applebee’s set out to create digital content that was not only splashy and engaging for a millennial audience, but able to deliver on their neighborhood ethos of community and positivity.

In order to spread the word and get people excited enough to try the Neighborhood Drinks, Applebee’s turned to us to power a unique live stream experience to activate communities from the comfort of their screens.

Applebee’s announced the Dollar Zombie cocktail with an 8-hour Facebook Live that asked fans to work together to help solve some Halloween-themed riddles, each with the chance at a cash prize and our featured cocktail front and center the entire time. The set was built by hand, complete with homemade props and dry ice special effects.

Using our  live streaming technology,  Live Studio , Applebee’s created an interactive fan experience far beyond the native capabilities of Facebook LIVE incorporating onscreen graphics, digital Easter eggs and even a live countdown timer to add that extra element of urgency and gamification.

Over the course of the 8 hours, the stream garnered over 100,000 views and almost 100,000 engagements with an 88% positive sentiment, allowing our digital community to have some fun and win some prizes all in the name of the new Neighborhood Drink.