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Multi-Channel Voting with Facebook Visualization

SuperVote site and shows contestants you can vote for


Telescope powered high-capacity aggregated voting across multiple channels: Toll-Free (call in), SMS (text message), and online voting with included Google search and native app voting.

A new feature gave fans a chance to achieve their 15 seconds of fame by sharing the same screen as their “Idol” favorites. As a first in social TV, select voters’ Facebook profile avatars were displayed on-screen during the live broadcast.

headshots of 3 contestants including Carrie Underwood
 American Idol judges smiling including randy jackson


Voting windows opened after the show and fans were able to cast their votes across multiple voting channels:

  • Toll-free: Voters called the phone number for their favorites

  • SMS: Users could text a keyword to the short code and received a confirmation text

  • Online: Fans visited the FOX website or used the FOX Now app to select and cast votes for the constants of their choice, using email address or FB login

  • Google Search: Users Googled “American Idol Vote" to access the voting app where they submitted their votes

Votes were received in real-time, aggregated, and verified. Final voting results were revealed in a subsequent broadcast.

During online vote submission via Facebook login, American Idol fans provided permission for their avatar to appear on-air during a live broadcast.

layout on how to vote on supervote with page of contestants with under and over 21 voters


  • Toll-free: Voters called into the toll-free phone line to vote for their favorites

  • SMS: Voters texted in using the promoted keywords and short codes

  • Online : Voters submitted their votes via the FOX Now app, FOX website, or using Google search

  • On-Air Integration: Select avatars of FB voters were displayed on-screen during the live broadcast


American Idol Season 13 broke records with over 71 million votes cast in the first performance show! As the voting continued, Facebook became the most popular method for voting using the SuperVote mechanic, fueled in part by the opportunity of seeing their picture on-air supporting their favorite Idol. For Season 13, we hit the milestone of our 6 billionth vote for American Idol across the series, thanks in part to this activation.


Social TV Awards
  • Best TV Show Specific

  • Best Social TV Integration

 Shorty Awards Finalist Logo
  • Best Data visualization - American Idol Facebook Visualization

Guiness Book of World Records Logo
  • 2004 Largest TV Telephone vote (American Idol 3 Finale) 65,491,313

  • 2007 Largest TV Telephone vote (American Idol 6 Finale) 74,030,147

  • 2008 Largest TV Telephone vote (American Idol 7 Finale) 97,327,265

  • 2009 Largest TV Telephone vote (American Idol 8 Finale) 98,816,494

  • 2011 Largest TV Telephone vote (American Idol 10 Finale) 122,391,067

American Idol Supervote page where you can cast up to 50 votes per contestant