Asia’s Got Talent


Recognized as the ‘World’s Biggest Talent Show’, Fremantle and Sony launched the 2nd season of Asia’s Got Talent in September 2017 – the 67th adaptation of the global reality format. They turned to Telescope to revamp their complex voting requirements, and create a more social and real-time experience for fans.

messenger voting

The application restricted votes to the 28 participating countries

messenger voting

The Messenger Bot supported 6 languages


Asia’s Got Talent airs in 26 Asian countries across the AXN network, so the campaign posed a number of challenges:

  • Geo-access for multiple regions
  • Supporting multiple languages
  • High traffic in a short timeframe
  • Audited results

Typically, producers have looked to mobile applications for digital voting – but this would be cost prohibitive, especially with the complex multi-language/territory requirements, and wouldn’t provide the reach and native social engagement. We worked with Facebook, customizing our Messenger Bot and Hashtag vote applications, to deliver a highly intuitive and mobile friendly experience during the live shows. Fans could cast up to 10 votes per day, per method.

The Messenger Bot supported 6 languages, with the user selecting their preferred language from a menu. The application restricted votes to the 28 participating countries, so a GPS check was initiated from the Messenger app to verify the voter’s location.


The global reach and simplicity of the viewer interactivity, combined with a cost effective solution, highlights the effectiveness of engaging audiences through innovative social voting experiences.


  • Delivered triumphant ratings and significant viewership gains across Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.
  • Channel rating grew by 28% in prime-time slot, compared to the same period in 2016.


  • 290 Million Impressions were generated on the Asia’s Got Talent Page
  • 26 Million video views and 2.5 Million engagements
  • Facebook community grew by 24% across the series and attracted 2.3 Million fans to date

“The strong ratings and huge social amplification speak volumes about the emotional chord that Asia’s Got Talent struck with fans as they followed the dreams of the contestants each week.”

Virginia Lim, SVP & Head of Content

Production and Marketing Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia