NBA & WNBA 'Tap to Cheer'

NBA and WNBA jump started the return to regular game play after the suspension of the 2019/2020 season with the ‘Tap to Cheer’ online and social tool, engaging the at-home audience in a brand new way, one click at a time.

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After a long pause in the sports industry due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the NBA and WNBA kicked off the return to their season with a #WholeNewGame. In search of a unique method for virtual fan engagement, both the NBA and WNBA turned to Telescope to power their dynamic play-along experience for eager at-home fans around the world. By utilizing our 'Tap to Cheer' application, fans were granted the ability to tune-in, watch the long anticipated games and simultaneously cheer on their favorite teams from the safety of their homes by simply "tapping" or "clicking" on their supporting team logo.

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A landing page for both NBA and WNBA was created for fans to easily access 'Tap to Cheer' online links as well as a schedule for upcoming games to ensure fans don't miss out on their favorite teams. The 'Tap to Cheer' application was accessible via a custom landing page on and or within their native apps. Once the play-along experience was opened, at-home fans were presented with two battling teams where users were able to simply "tap" or "click" on their favorite team logo to cheer on their favorite team and once the bar reached a certain amount of taps, fans were rewarded a fun animated pay-off involving confetti and a full screen take-over of the team cheer! For each game, the WNBA and NBA managed the application to switch out teams to assure that all basketballs fans could participate and cheer on their personal favorite team.

Additionally, the NBA took a step further to engage their at-home fans and encouraged viewers to take to Twitter and tweet their team hashtag which as a result populated data into the 'Tap to Cheer' application and controlled in stadium graphics.

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  • Custom 'Tap to Cheer' experience gave fans a memorable and safe way to cheer on their favorite basketball teams during COVID-19

  • Landing page created easy access for fans to see upcoming games and easily accessible 'Tap to Cheer' links

  • Aggregated content across Twitter hashtags and clicks from 'Tap to Cheer' application

  • Utilized aggregated content to show on social media and display in stadium


  • In the WNBA's launch weekend over two days and six games, the teams had over 4 million cheers

  • The NBA Lakers fans came out strong on the first game of their season, with #LakeShow trending on Twitter

  • Both WNBA & NBA fans continuously showed their support by returning to the 'Tap to Cheer' application each game


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