Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards Vote & Play Along Experience

Multi-platform voting with second screen play-along interactive experience with in-show impact and results to air.

Kid's Choice Awards in show vote for "Who Should Blake Be?" and show results of Blake dressed as a unicorn.


Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards honors the very best of film, television, sports and music in today's young markets. Nickelodeon worked multiple years with Telescope in creating a fully COPPA compliant online custom category vote to support the fan vote element prior to the show. Social hashtag votes accompanied the online experience for fans to vote via branded routing hashtag as well.

Additionally, Nickelodeon came to Telescope to reimagine the play-along hub experience for fans to engage with during the live airing of the award ceremony. By creating the second screen experience for young fans to impact the show directly, the audience felt they had the power to change the outcome of the show up to the very moment of reveal and created a highly engaging and memorable experience for children and adults alike.

Passion Meter product in screen with on air question "Who's got better dance moves? John Cena or Nick Cannon?
Vote product used for question "Pick The Dance Battle Style" with the in show screen showing results to air
Who should get soaked in slime poll with on air results


As the leader in vote technology solutions, Nickelodeon turned to Telescope to create a highly dynamic vote experience for the Kids Choice Awards. Telescope created a multi-platform vote experience where kids could vote via online, Facebook and Twitter. Telescope also developed an ’accordion style’ vote that automatically pushed kids to the next vote category – thus driving higher numbers of votes for the campaign. At the end of the experience, kids were served a URL link that they were able to share with their friends. The entire online campaign adhered to COPPA regulations.

We also created a second screen play along hub experience for the Kids Choice Awards show. Viewers were able to see the latest photos/videos from the Orange Carpet, Backstage, and highlights from the show from the Fan Feed.

Viewers were also be able choose which celebrity got slimed, what the set should be, who should prank, and more using our Passion Meter and Standard Vote Products. We built a custom frame to switch the various products throughout the show. We also showed real-time results through on-air graphics for Passion Meter and Standard Vote. We showcased an in-studio graphic for the final Passion Meter to determine who gets slimed.

Main vote accordion page with various categories and nominees.  Tweets with votes and confirmation vote screen.


Telescope customized a number of products to fit Nickelodeon’s branding and requirements for COPPA compliance:

  • Custom Category Vote - which ran prior to the award show allowing the fans to decide who would take home the award that night.

  • Standard Category Social Vote - via a branded show hashtag.

  • Custom Play Along Hub - created to house various products, which rotated in and out of the primary frame depending on which in-show activity was currently being focused on.

  • Standard Vote - gave viewers the power to choose the elements that were included in the on-air competition such as which costume the host should come out in next.

  • Passion Meter - allowed viewers to impact the show's direction and take easy to participate polls on subjects like "Who is the better dancer? John Cena or Nick Cannon?" with results displayed on air.

  • Fan Feed - created a go to location for photos and memes to live from content captured and created during the red carpet as well as during the awards ceremony itself. This was often the go to experience during commercial breaks to give the fans something to enjoy between main award segments.


By providing a COPPA compliant site, kids were able to participate without barriers, thus creating a highly successful and engaging vote experience for fans of all ages.

Fans participated at record levels in the in-show impact experiences proving that no matter the age, fans love to see the results of their participation and the real-time impact it can make in a show. We saw some of the highest click rates in connection with the in-show Passion Meter and Polling in the history of the two products.

Fan feed with images from the show, twitter vote and images of poll and in show impact