Scotiabank #HockeyDay

Scotiabank #HockeyDay Twitter wall & Twitter poll on site at Yellowknife, Canada.

custom twitter wall with fan twitter content streaming down it with hashtag #HockeyDay encouraging people to tweet to be featured


Each year Scotiabank sponsors Hockey Day, a cross-country celebration of all things hockey (Canada's favorite sport), and looks for new and creative ways to engage their audience, create greater fan chatter across social and of course increase viewership of the day's main events - various hockey games across Canada. Telescope stepped in to do just that through a real-time UGC wall that allowed fans to be part of the on-site activation and impact fun and festival details such as the hockey rink lights.

Photo of the ice rink with the various team colored lights on the rink displaying which team won the poll
photo of twitter wall with content on it on site at the game
tweet featured hashtag and user generated content to display on the twitter wall


Telescope created and powered a custom Twitter Wall that displayed approved tweets sourced from the hashtag #HockeyDay. Moderated tweets were featured on a big screen TV at the game event. The Twitter Poll gathered tweets for all seven Canadian NHL teams and was used to change the color of the lights on the ice based on which team garnered the highest number of tweet votes.

twitter wall with content, two tweets, one with poll vote and another with fan image for wall.


  • Increased conversation around Hockey Day on Twitter by focusing the audience on a single branded hashtag (#HockeyDay)

  • Got the audience to engage in fun and impactful Twitter polls to determine what color lights should light up the ice for any given game (depending upon the top team in the Twitter Poll)

  • Twitter Wall on site encouraged fans to post on Twitter with the hopes of being featured on a 65-inch TV at the event, taking their UGC beyond Twitter's platform and right into the live event.

  • CONNECT Moderation tool made it easy for the best of the best UGC to be previewed and approved quickly in order to make sure the Twitter Wall remained fresh with consistently new content through the entire event.


  • Witnessed heavy UGC submission participation.

  • In the end, only 10% of UGC content submitted was able to be featured on the Jumbotron / Twitter Wall over the course of the weekend.

  • Always great to be spoiled for choice when it comes to fan created content.

Twitter calls to action on how to participate, Sportsnet tweet about the rink poll and images of the Twitter wall on site