The Oscars Vote and Sweepstakes

The Oscars invited fans everywhere to become the judge of their two newest prestigious honors leveraging Telescope's voting, sweepstakes and content creation services.

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Each year hundreds of millions of film buffs tune-in to the prestigious Oscars ceremony, otherwise knows as the Academy Awards, to discover who will receive the highest honors within the film industry. Normally judged solely by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences committee, The Oscars decided to invite fans to be the judge and enable them to impact the winning outcome for their two newest honors, Fan Favorite and Cheer Moment. Fans not only had the ability to have a say in which films deserved a recognition but also had the opportunity to get rewarded with sweepstakes prizes including a trip to the following year's Oscars as well as a Movie Lovers Package!

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Fan Favorite: Fans were encouraged to vote for their favorite Oscar eligible film by simply filling out a form online (film title, first and last name, email address, etc) via our Standard Sweepstakes form. Fans could additionally vote via Twitter by Tweeting with the promoted hashtags #OscarsFanFavorite and #Sweepstakes along with a hashtag of their favorite film title.

Those who voted for the Fan Favorite by either method (Twitter voters were required to utilize the hashtag #Sweepstakes) were automatically entered into the Fan Favorite Sweepstakes for a chance to win an invitation to the following year's Oscars ceremony.

Cheer Moment: In phase 1, fans voted for their favorite movie moment from all time by filling out a form online via our Uploader with information including the movie title, movie moment and a description of why it was their favorite cheer moment. Additionally users had the option to upload an image or video for a chance to get featured in our Fan Feed. Like the Fan Favorite, fans had the ability to additionally vote via Twitter utilizing hashtag #OscarsCheerMoment.

In phase 2, fans voted on the top 5 voted cheer moment scenes. All users had to do was go to Twitter, Tweet with the promoted hashtags #OscarsCheerMoment and #Sweepstakes along with the hashtag of the movie moment up for vote. Lucky sweepstakes winners won a Movie Lovers Package that included a year of free movies, streaming services and select items from the museum store.

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  • Virtual Event Hub : Telescope built out a hub that housed both the online Fan Favorite and Cheer Moment experiences in addition to the rules

  • Standard Sweepstakes Form: a seamless online method for fans to cast in their 'write-in' votes to let their voices be heard all while automatically being entered into the sweeps

  • Fan Feed with Uploader : Users could easily upload an image or video with their vote and have an opportunity to be featured in the Fan Feed along with other fans' content

  • drove engagement with fans in a multi-phase, high volume voting method

  • ability to vote via social (Twitter) and online led to increased fan participation

  • sweepstakes prizes rewarded fans and incentivized them to continue voting throughout the campaign duration