3 UGC Focused Products That Are Guaranteed To Drive Engagement

Written by: Team Telescope



3 UGC Focused Products That Are Guaranteed to Drive Engagement

In today’s world, content is everything and integrating  UGC  is essential to any successfully marketing strategy.

With the constant advancements in technology and a more digitally savvy audience base, fans have taken the wheel and are now driving the way brands and advertisers communicate with their audiences.

There’s no question that UGC creates a more organic opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers. We know this first hand and have worked with a range of clients to create meaningful digital and social campaigns that don’t just reach viewers – but engages them.

Keep reading to learn about 3 of our most popular UGC applications and how they’ve helped amplify our client’s digital marketing strategies.


Creating a personal fan experience through brand or influencer messaging – this native application rewards fans with a personalized digital autograph & message from their favorite actors, musicians, athletes, influencers etc.…

For the chance to receive the digital message, fans are prompted to connect through Facebook where we manage a custom experience.

The solution works great for sweepstakes campaigns, fan rewards, driving awareness and unique engagement. And I mean, who wouldn’t want a signed selfie from their favorite star?

Click the hyperlinks to check out how  Coca Cola  and  Luke Bryan  amplified their marketing campaigns with this innovative product.


Another fan favorite, our Social Photo Filter Product lets fans create custom images around your brand – delivering organic reach and engagement.

Fans upload an image or select from Facebook and customize their photo from a gallery of overlays and stickers. Option to add custom text, pledges and sweepstakes components to drive your brands message.

Take a look at how  Discovery  and  iHeartRadio  brought this product to life with their exciting UGC focused campaigns.



Our interactive video tools offer a seamless way for fans to create branded content.

Using our uploader product, fans can easily submit their UGC video content onto any of your brand’s digital properties. Approved videos can appear in a moderated gallery and displayed onto any digital site, broadcast, or live event. Option to incorporate voting, social and experiential elements to enhance your marketing campaign.

Discover how Francis Ford Coppola Winery utilized our UGC video tools in both a digital experience and experiential activation  here .


In addition to our UGC video tools, we provide a variety of  video production services  to help bring our clients’ visions to life. From mass scale live events, multi-location and 360 shoots – we have teams around the globe to help you tell your story.

Read about how Vodafone utilized a variety of our video solutions and production services for their  Shorty Award Nominated campaign #ResolutionsLive here .